Boxing is one of the best full-body workouts you can do, and one that also allows you to learn an entirely new skill while also improving your hand-eye coordination.


At POWER Gym we’ve found our POWER Box sessions to be a popular and effective fitness tool for people from all walks of life.


But we know you probably also have some questions about boxing training.


So we’ve done our best to answer them here. Read up on our boxing tips for beginners or for those who box regularly and are looking to learn more about the exercise. 


Is learning boxing hard?

Boxing is no different from many other sports in that you can learn the basics of boxing in a few weeks. This includes your stance, basic footwork, defensive postures, and basic punches and combos.

The real magic happens after the first few weeks of training where you understand the basics and can apply them without thinking about it. You are developing your muscle memory, and that stays with you for life.


Can you learn boxing by yourself?

While it is possible to learn the basics of boxing at home it is safer and more productive to learn the art of boxing in a safe and structured environment with the help of a trained boxing coach.

This ensures that you learn proper technique, and undergo the kind of cardio training you need, and can also help prevent soft tissue injuries.


Are boxing gyms intimidating?

Traditional boxing gyms can seem intimidating because of the intensity of the workouts and the ultimate goal of training being to enter the ring and spar. If you’re training in boxing as a combative sport then you’ve already prepared yourself for this.

If, on the other hand, you want to get all the cardio benefits of boxing training, but without the combat elements, then you can always choose something like POWER Box instead where are levels are welcome.


Should I wear running shoes for boxing?

You can wear running shoes during boxing training sessions like, especially when you’re training only for cardio and fitness purposes and outside the ring.

If you decide to start sparring or training for an amateur fight, you might want to consider investing in a basic pair of boxing boots or shoes. 


What should I bring to my POWER Box class?

The only thing you will need for your POWER Box class is water. We will provide hand wraps for protection along with boxing gloves. Sweat towels will also be provided for all class attendees.


Is it expensive to train in boxing?

It is not expensive to train in boxing because the only equipment you need is a pair of boxing gloves, a gumshield, a t-shirt, and a pair of gym shorts or leggings. This makes it one of the most cost-effective sports to take part in.

The only additional expense for boxing training is whether you attend a traditional boxing gym or when you sign up for POWER Box sessions at the Dean Dublin and Galway.


How long should a boxing training session last?

The average boxing training session should last between 45 and 90 minutes in total. Boxing is a high-intensity workout, allowing you to fit a lot of cardio and body weight exercises into a relatively short amount of time.


Is boxing training good for soccer players?

Boxing training can be beneficial for soccer players because not only does boxing increase your core strength but also helps to improve your hand-eye coordination for fast reaction times.

It also offers soccer players a way of working out at a very high intensity and heart rate for a prolonged period of time.


Is swimming better than boxing?

Boxing provides a more intense workout than swimming, burning more calories in a shorter period of time.

You’ll find that many boxers also swim because it allows them to enjoy a non-impact full-body workout where focusing on your breathing and lung capacity is as important as anything else.


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