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Press Up Hospitality Group is best known for their wide variety of bars, restaurants, and hotels but as we move more towards healthier living and more conscious lifestyles, it became clear there was a real thirst for a new and innovative gym concept that would get people excited about their fitness once again. 


Adding a wellness brand to their portfolio was no mean feat and Press Up have invested extensive time and money into ensuring this new venture would be as world-class as their other brands. 

Dublin has lacked an experiential gym, where all angles of your visit are taken care of, from luxurious changing rooms, to the workout itself and the post-workout recovery and relaxation. 

With custom built athletic rigs, industry leading classes and boutique hotel style changing rooms, Power is the brainchild of years of research and hard work whose doors we can’t wait to see open come 7th June. 

 Power is located in The Dean, Dublin, The Mayson, Dublin and The Dean, Cork and will fully open to members  next month, who are in for an experience which will set off their fitness journey like no other.  


To read more about Press Up Hospitality Group, please see here. 

To contact Power about their limited founding membership rates, please see here. 

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