MetCon vs HIIT Workout

In the gym world, the two popular types of workouts right now are MetCon and HIIT.  

But what actually are they and is one better than the other? What are the benefits?  

In this blog post, we will break down all things MetCon and HIIT to find the workout that suits your style and goals.  


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What is a MetCon Workout? 

MetCon, or Metabolic Conditioning, is a combination of both strength and cardio exercises. It incorporates any exercises that increase the efficiency of the body’s pathways that produce energy. 

These include Phosphagen, Glycolytic and Oxidative pathways which together produce ATP, an energy carrying molecule, which in turn fuels your muscles. 

Throughout a MetCon workout, you exercise intensely for shorter periods of time. This helps to increase your body’s energy output. It also helps by carrying out exercises that use different muscle groups for short periods of time to keep your metabolism active. 


Common Exercises in MetCon Workouts 

As mentioned above, MetCon workouts target different energy pathways in the body.  

Firstly, when targeting the phosphagen pathway which provides immediate energy at the beginning of a workout, it is best to do an exercise with heavy weights or high intensity such as deadlifts, squats or sprints. 

Then, the glycolytic energy system produces ATP for more intense activities for a longer amount of time such as rowing or jumping rope.  

And finally, the oxidative energy pathway can be used for longer endurance exercises such as cycling. With a MetCon workout you are training the whole body.  

At POWER Gym, we offer a MetCon class with carefully selected exercises that can help you find what works best for your goals. Push yourself, but always listen to your body. 


What is a HIIT Workout?  

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which includes short bursts of intense exercises with recovery periods between each exercise.  

These exercises can include sprinting, cycling and other bodyweight exercises at high intensity and resistance, followed by a less intense and lower resistance period of time.  

Short periods of intense exercise increases your heart rate and overall fitness levels.  The primary focus of HIIT workouts is to burn fat rather than gain muscle. 


What is the Difference Between a HIIT Workout and a  MetCon Workout? 

So far, you may think that a MetCon workout is the same as a HIIT workout, but that’s not the case. 

MetCon workout styles can vary. During HIIT workouts, however, you are usually working at 80% of your maximum rate.  A MetCon workout does not necessarily need to be as high intensity as that of a HIIT session.  

MetCons also include heavy weighted exercises, while HIIT workouts focus on cardio and body weighted exercises.  

Therefore HIIT workouts can be considered MetCons, but MetCons cannot be considered as HIIT workouts.  


Which Workout is Better, MetCon or HIIT?  

The truth is that it all depends on which suits you and your personal goals. It is also down to where you are on your fitness journey. For example, if you are a beginner or a bodybuilder, different workouts will suit you and your body type.  

If you want to lose weight and gain muscle through a mixture of heavy weight and cardio training, then MetCon is the workout for you. 

How Many Days a Week Should You Do MetCon?  

It is recommended that if you are new to MetCon, you should incorporate it into your regular workouts around twice a week and not on consecutive days. 

You can then build up from there in the length, intensity and number of MetCon workouts you do depending on your goals. 


What are the Health Benefits of MetCon Training?  

MetCon training incorporates a number of different exercises, so you are doing a full body workout in a short amount of time.  

These workouts are quick and effective for those on the go, as you are pushing your body to its limits.  

Starting to incorporate MetCon workouts into your regular workout routines is a great way to defeat a weight loss plateau and begin to see results again. It is also a great way to improve cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness.  And most importantly, you will feel great after it! 


Do MetCon Workouts Help With Weight Loss?  

Including MetCon workouts into your usual workout routine can help weight loss due to the increase in your metabolic rate even after your workout ends. So, you are still burning calories hours after your workout ends.  


Short on time? The best way to incorporate exercise into your week is through a short and effective 45-minute MetCon workout at POWER GymWe have days and time to suit everyone with MetCon classes Monday to Saturday starting as early as 7:30 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. Check out our timetable online or in our app.  


Join us today and book your MetCon class. 


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