POWER Up Your Morning Routine

Not a Morning Person? Not a Problem! 

Here, we explore hacks to help you trick yourself into feeling that surge of energy during the first sleepy hours after waking up.

A consistent morning routine can profoundly impact your power and energy levels for the rest of the day. Making a few small changes may enable you to train harder, make better conscious decisions, and start your day on the right foot with a more positive outlook on the world around you.

By increasing your energy and cultivating a productive and positive mindset, your morning routine can also generate momentum that builds up to the brain’s peak time for cognitive work: late morning. 


Snooze No More 

That favourite button that annoyingly disrupts our dreamy state could be contributing to our sluggishness. By disturbing our circadian rhythm, the snooze button doesn’t allow us to gain any additional quality sleep. Instead, it reduces our time, making us feel rushed in the morning. Ever feel stressed? Stress often arises when you feel like you don’t have enough time to complete all your responsibilities. Set an appropriate alarm time that allows for a productive morning routine and make use of natural daylight to encourage alertness upon waking up. 


Morning Hydration Station  

By the time you wake up, several hours have passed without hydrating your body. Start the day with a glass of water by your bed so you don’t forget. It will help you rehydrate and focus on the day ahead. Try to do this before having your morning tea or coffee, which should be an enjoyable part of your routine rather than a primary means of rehydration. 


Start with a Sweat 

Here it is… the morning workout routine. The time you choose to train during the day is a matter of personal preference, as any kind of consistent exercise you enjoy will be the best for you as an individual, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. However, there is much to be said for making exercise part of your morning routine. Mornings offer fewer distractions, with fewer people messaging you, fewer work emails flying in, and less chance of finding a better social alternative to the gym. An early workout can also set the tone for the day, with many people making better food choices and experiencing increased overall activity levels throughout the day compared to an evening workout after a long day at work.


Turn Down the Temperature 

Cold showers have recently gained a lot of attention, and for good reason. They offer a multitude of benefits, not only for the body but also for the mind. Taking a cold shower literally forces the body to wake up and feel more alert—a perfect way to start your day energized. The cold water against our skin also stimulates us to take deeper breaths, which decreases the amount of CO2 in the body, helping to improve focus and concentration. 

Research also shows that cold showers are great for the immune system. By subjecting your body to a cold shower, you stimulate the white blood cells in your bloodstream, resulting in fewer sick days and an overall healthier you! Additionally, cold showers are beneficial for circulation and can help soothe sore muscles from yesterday’s morning workout, allowing for quicker recovery and keeping you on track with your training plan for the week.

Not ready for a full cold shower? Start with your regular warm shower and finish off the last 30 seconds with a cold blast. Increase the time spent under the cold water gradually each week. It will be better than any caffeine hit in the morning! 


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