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National Fitness Day


Movement has become such a key aspect of our lives, especially after the past 18 months, where leaving the house and getting moving was a saving grace for many people.

National Fitness Day falls on 23rd September each year and celebrates the efforts we make to get up and get active.

Whether it’s reaching for an extra 5,000 steps or trying out a new class, it’s a day to push yourself that little further and you might be surprised to find you enjoy getting out of your comfort zone!

Fitness is more than how many kilometres you can run or how much you can deadlift. Putting that 15, 30 or 45 minutes aside to concentrate on yourself and your mental health is essential.


Power Classes have finally commenced with four different concepts being are available across our three gym locations.

Power Box – Unleash your inner Olympian with a mix of boxing drills and bag-combos, followed by some full-body conditioning.

Power Run – Increase your fitness and strength levels with a class full of interval and resistance work, which creates an incredible strength-building, fat-burning workout.

Power Pedal – Compete with yourself or others on the leader board in this sweat-dripping spin class. Lose yourself in the lights and music!

Power Climb – Strengthen every muscle in your body with constant climbs to improve your cardiovascular system like no other. Burn up to 800 calories and see your metres climbed skyrocket by the minute!


To celebrate the kick-off of our classes, we have an incredible ‘2 for One’ offer on our Class Credits. Buy one Class Credit and get another one complimentary! To get started on your Power journey, explore our Class Credits here.


Our incredible Power Trainers have let us know what fitness means to them and why they chose to be a part of the Power Team!


Anthony – Power @ The Dean, Cork

I have a massive passion for helping people reach their lifelong fitness goals and even exceed their biggest dreams!

In Power, we try to help people push beyond their boundaries and come out of their comfort zones.

With the classes we teach in Cork, Power Pedal and Power Climb, we build a bond with every person that comes into our class, making them feel welcome and building a trusting relationship with them.

The Power Studios are the best in Ireland!

The atmosphere is electric in the studios, and I love being in that high energy environment because I can feed off all the people in the room, the same way they can feed off of me.

I love the lighting, the music and taking people on that journey of pushing themselves to levels they haven’t reached before!


Laura – Power @ The Dean, Cork

When you love teaching a class as much as I do – it no longer feels like part of your job. I look forward every week to those crazy 45 minutes of a Power Climb class with the banging tunes, incredible immersive lights and of course getting a serious sweat on!

I always feel super proud of everyone, including myself at the end of the class! Building a relationship with the class attendees and seeing them improve week on week is something I’m so honoured to be a part of!


Steven – Power Harcourt Street

Training gives people an outlet and helps them to develop their resilience both inside and outside the gym. When a person realises, they can smash through a HIIT class they come away with newfound confidence and self-belief that they take with them into other areas of their life.


To book a Power class for any of the three locations, please see here.